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Pipeline Management for Mortgage Professionals

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12401 S 450 E Suite F2

Draper, UT 84020


Pipeline Management

Our powerful pipeline management software will quickly get your pipeline in shape. No more spreadsheets, no more yellow legal pads, enjoy keeping track of your loans with our easy, intuitive pipeline management system.

Dynamic Vault

All files are automatically archived into a dynamic, searchable database so you can search fundings based on Month, Rate, Program, Term and many other metrics. Easily find those clients ripe for a refinance or program change.

Milestone Updates

Keep your clients up to date on the progress of their loan in real time. Borrowers are automatically alerted as soon as their status changes, saving you time and keeping your clients up to date.

Customizable Interface

An effective pipeline management tool is not one size fits all. MorPipe’s dynamic system allows you to customize the key metrics that best fit your organization and team.

How it Works

MorPipe’s pipeline management software was built from the ground up to be simple and easy to use.  Add a borrower to the system by inputting their key data points and their current status.  As the borrower progresses to the next stage simply input the date and their status is updated and they are notified that their loan has progressed.  Keep track of important dates (i.e. appraisal due date, financing and settlement deadlines, LE disclosure date, etc.) so that you never miss an important deadline and ensure that each loan progresses with MorPipe’s at a glance pipeline tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a place for key contacts?

Yes, every borrower file contains fields to enter key contacts for the transaction – Listing Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Title Company, Homeowners Insurance, etc.

Can I import an existing list of clients so I can track their rate using your system?

Yes, we’ve made the import process simple.  First, make sure that your spreadsheet has key data points in the correct order.  Then, upload the Excel or CSV file into our system.  Begin tracking your clients based on their rate, loan program, term, etc.

Can I choose which fields I want to display on the pipeline tool?

Absolutely.  We’ve made customization simple.  Use our Column Customizer tool to select which fields you want to see on the main pipeline tool.  Some are required (i.e. borrower’s name, status, lender, etc.) but most are easily customizable.

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Dynamic, Easy, Versatile, and Powerful

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    “I am probably considered an old fashioned loan officer.  I still meet my clients face to face.  Partly because, I do not catch up with technology as well as my colleagues.  I used to keep track of my loan pipeline with a white board and dry erase markers.  I have started using Morpipe this year and it has been great.  Since I can access Morpipe on my phone, I can take my white board anywhere I go.  I can also better communicate the status with my processor.  I plan to use Morpipe from here on out. ” 

    Josh W. in Utah.      

    “I use Morpipe to track loans from a group of loans officers and it allows me to do so in an efficient, flexible database.  Loading new loans to Morpipe is so easy – click-click and I’m done!  Much easier than keeping a manual spreadsheet. Morpipe has definitely made my life easier as a very functional, user-friendly pipeline application. ” 

    Anne H. in Utah.